How to select suitable Dunnage Air Bags
• Measure gap size between loads;
• Measure height of pallets or loads
• Measure depth of pallets or loads
• Select suitable dunnage air bags according to the data in the specification table.
Suggested working pressure: not exceeding 0.2bar/20Kpa/2.9P.S.I.
Attention for dunnage air bags
• Do not inflate too much air inside;
• Dunnage air bags should not be applied for a gap over max. occupied size;
• Have to use 2 or more dunnage air bags in one gap, should enlarge dunnage air bag’s contacting area as large as possible;
• Dunnage air bags’ effective working area should not exceed the height of loads or pallets;
• Bottom of dunnage air bags should kept at least 5cm / 2” distance from the floor;
• Cardboard or plywood board or other smooth surface boards should be used as protection of dunnage air bags against wood pallets, wood cases, or sharp edges/burrs;
• A notice should be ensured to the handling persons if have to use dunnage air bags in the gap against door.
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